Chakra Tuning Voice Exploration

Chakra Tuning Voice Exploration

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This is a voice exploration practice that is based around singing the Indian Swar scales of Sa Re Ga Ma... and using our conscious awareness to focus on the chakras, channeling emotion through them to come into a connection with our "Natural Voice"

Imagine if you could tap into your own emotional body and feel all the positive emotions of love, peace, wisdom even bliss from within, regardless of your outer experience.

This would bring a great sense of connection, and fulfillment and perhaps we would lose our dependency on things that come and go for happiness?

This is one of the intentions behind this practice.
To use your own voice to harmonize and heal yourself.

This guided voice exploration is a practice that you can do every day to improve your voice and emotional state of being.

This digital package includes the following tracks:

  • 2 varying instructions
  • Short Warmup
  • Cmajor Scale (1 hour)
  • Cmajor Scale (30 mins)
  • Cminor Scale (30 mins)