Essence of All

Essence of All

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This song has been with me, and shared in singing circles for a long time before it was finally recorded.
I think it's because I felt that it was too special to be just listened to, it was a song that belonged right where it was, in the circle.
A song that always brought us into very deep states of bliss, but now its time, I'm happy for it to find new ears and hearts.

It's an affirmation, a prayer and a ceremony of the heart.
I wanted to record it, just like it was played in our circles, as a journey with aliveness, and this song has been known to last even longer that this 24min version.
It is rich in vocals and was recorded by many different choirs from around the world, all bringing their different feeling and resonance to make it complete.

I hope you enjoy the vibrations of all these beautiful friends singing from the heart.
Please sing with us 🙏

Released January 1st, 2024

Duration of the song: 24:24 min

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